About Us

Ataraxia Capital Partners is an entrepreneurial asset management firm founded by two investment professionals in 2009, one with a background in listed securities, the other in the Law. They combined their experience and passion for enterprise to launch Ataraxia as an asset management firm specialised in listed share investments, private equity and wealth management.

Ataraxia’s vision is about connecting markets and opportunities which are tailored to each individual’s investment needs. We pride ourselves on our strong track record of investing in listed equity, fixed income and private equity and providing returns over and above benchmarks across many markets around the globe.

“Our approach is unique. We understand that our investors want a relationship which benefits not only their ‘money’ by way of returns, but also engages and grows their own ideas and initiatives. We engage with our investors and subsequently partner with them on their own  projects, sometimes co-investing and other times advising. This is our unique proposition, this is what makes us Ataraxia”

We have a broad and flexible investment mandate, and we have deployed the majority of our capital in sectors where we believe we can leverage our deep experience and long-standing relationships. We seek opportunities to invest in majority stakes or significant minority stakes in leading companies and have undertaken greenfield investments in the past. We are value-added investors who are prepared to work closely with management teams and play an active role in assisting our portfolio companies to reach their full potential.

The investors in Ataraxia’s funds include state banks, pension funds, family offices and other corporate and institutional investors across jurisdictions.