Asanth Co-founded Ataraxia Capital, is a member of its Board of Directors and Serves on the Investment Committee.

He is jointly responsible for leading the investment programme at Ataraxia as well as having overall co-executive responsibility for the firm.

Asanth heads all the investment teams. He serves on the Board and overseas the audit and finance committees of all investee companies. His focus more recently has been the expansion of our investor universe into China & Europe.

Asanth has direct operational experience, having performed interim management roles in Ataraxia portfolio companies with a specific focus on effecting management and business improvement initiatives.

Prior to founding Ataraxia, he worked at the structured product desk of UBS and post that in an management position in equities and structured products at the Australian Stock Exchange. Asanth wrote the course material for the ASX accredited derivatives adviser (ADA) and ASX listed product adviser courses (ALPA) that is the industry standard for financial services professionals in Australia.

Asanth holds a Finance & Economics Degree from Macquarie University.

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